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With compassionate support, you'll uncover the foods that trigger your gut and discover delightful alternatives that will leave you feeling amazing.

Expect to gain a deep understanding of which foods truly nourish your body, as we guide you in breaking free from diet culture and establishing a joyful and healthy relationship with food. Get ready to embrace a new chapter of wellbeing and vitality!

Discover the incredible connection between what you eat and drink and the wellbeing of your body and mind.


Gut Health Workshops

Gut Health


Ready to take the first step towards better gut health? 

Initial Consultation with an EPC/EDP: $65

Review Consultation with an EPC/EDP: $35

Private Consultation: $120

Private Review: $90

Experience the benefits of a dietitian consult at an affordable price: 

Are you seeking individualised support to identify the foods and dietary patterns that may be contributing to your gut issues? My dietitian consult is the perfect solution for you.

At Nutrition for Living, I believe in providing 100% tailored services because there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to gut health. My goal is to help you understand your body's unique needs and develop a plan specifically designed for you.

During your initial appointment, we will set up a food trigger identification process to begin healing your gut and reduce symptoms of bloating. This involves a comprehensive food analysis, including evaluations of macronutrients, micronutrients, symptom type and severity, and your dietary preferences and patterns.

Discover Personalised Gut Health Solutions with My Dietitian Consultations



If you have a nutrition diagnosis like IBS, we may initiate the Low FODMAP Diet, which serves as a tool to identify food triggers rather than a long-term eating pattern.

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Embark with me on this thrilling journey towards a healthier gut and a happier you! Explore the transformative power of my cookbooks and meal planners, where each page is a step closer to your well-being oasis. 

Australians, like much of the world, grapples with prevalent gut issues among adults—whether it's bloating, gas, or other digestive discomforts. Fear not, as my cookbooks and meal planners serve as your passport to revolutionise your gut health from the comfort of your own kitchen. Within these resources, discover meticulously crafted recipes, engaging activities, and convenient meal planning templates. All designed to harness the vitality of fresh, budget-friendly ingredients readily available at your local grocery store.

By making subtle yet powerful adjustments to your diet and meal preparation, you'll be treating your gut bacteria to the VIP experience they rightfully deserve. And the beauty of it all? It extends beyond physical well-being; it's a holistic approach that also nurtures your mental health.

Delve into the realm of optimal gut health with my curated library of resources!



Pricing is available upon request, as we offer customisable options based on your specific requirements and the number of participants.

"Our employees found the gut health workshop to be highly informative and engaging. The interactive activities made the session enjoyable and educational. We saw a noticeable improvement in their awareness of gut health and its impact on overall well-being." - Sarah M., HR Manager

"Nutrition for Living's gut health workshop provided our employees with practical knowledge and actionable tips for better gut health. The presenter was knowledgeable, approachable, and effectively communicated the importance of nutrition for overall wellness." - John R., CEO

Our gut health workshops have received positive feedback from previous corporate presentations. Here's what some of our clients have said:

Are you looking to educate your employees on the importance of maintaining a healthy gut? My gut health-focused workshop is designed to enlighten people and enhance their overall wellbeing. These workshops are a valuable addition to your employees' learning experience and performance.

During my gut health presentation, we will cover essential topics such as the role of nutrition, the significance of regular eating habits, and the impact of specific foods on mental well-being. We will specifically highlight how these factors relate to work performance and lifestyle activities. In addition, I will delve into the importance of maintaining a balanced microbiome, address common digestive symptoms, and provide practical tips for nurturing a healthy gut. 

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