About Annabel - Your Partner in Gut Health

I believe in the power of individuality—each person has their own path to a healthier gut, and I'm here to help you find yours.

With personalised support, potential elimination diets to discover your triggers, and meal plans that fit into your life, I’ll focus on reducing inflammation and achieving real food freedom.

Ready to feel better? Let's do this together.

As a Brisbane-based gut health dietitian, my goal is to help you find balance in your diet and improve your gut health.

Hey there, I’m Annabel.

Master of Dietetic Practice

Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Studies

Low FODMAP diet for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Bachelor of Applied Science
Sports Nutrition

I've got the credentials to help you

Nutrition For Living began with a simple desire: to make a difference in people's lives through nutrition. This journey took me from Melbourne to Townsville and Rockhampton, where I discovered my passion for specialising in gut health.

Motivated by my own experiences with IBS, I focused on learning all I could about managing gut health conditions. 

How did Nutrition for Living begin?

My mission is to revolutionise gut health for our local community with personalised advice, robust education, and supportive meal plans that aren't just about eating well – they're about living well.

In 2021, Brisbane became home to my dream—starting a practice dedicated to helping others improve their gut health.

Now, I have the joy of offering personalised consultations and telehealth services to a diverse group of clients.

I also work with trusted brands to bring you quality gut health products and provide wellness insights to companies committed to community health.

Take a peak inside my pantry

Favourite Breakfast

9/10 I'm eating a jazzed up bircher muesli for breakfast! 

By the time lunch hits, I'm peckish! One of my go-to meals is a Mediterranean inspired falafel wrap.

Favourite Lunch

Favourite Dinner

It's nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare! What more could you ask for?

My latest snack obsession is punnet of fresh strawberries. They're too good top pass up this season!

Favourite snack

Step into a world where you're equipped with essential nutritional knowledge. As your dietitian, I'm here to demystify diet and gut health, ensuring you're informed and confident in your dietary choices.

Knowledge is Power

Join a revolution that goes beyond the plate to enhance your overall wellbeing. As we journey to improve your gut health, anticipate a boost in energy, a fortified immune system, and a sharper mind. With personalised nutrition strategies, expect to see your gut health blossom in just a few weeks.

Embrace Flexibility

Discover a refreshed, adaptable approach to nutrition with me. We'll tailor your diet to seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle, honouring the ebb and flow of life's journey.

Nourish to Flourish


Sustainable Wellness

Let's move past temporary solutions and work towards enduring wellbeing. My approach is all about fostering long-term gut health with personalised, sustainable habits that stand the test of time. Together, we're not just changing diets—we're changing lives.

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