Here to help you nourish and flourish your gut

Take a seat and meet the real Annabel Johnston

Just like a dancer, I believe that everybody has their own style. And I’m here to help you work out what foods and patterns of eating trigger your gut. 

Through one-on-one support, elimination diets and meal plans, we can reduce your intake of inflammatory foods and move towards a life of food freedom.

Salsa fanatic and gut health dietitian for those who are motivated, open to change and driven to nourish and flourish their gut health.

Hello, I’m Annabel.

Master of Dietetic Practice

Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Studies

Low FODMAP diet for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Bachelor of Applied Science
Sports Nutrition

I've got the credentials to help you

I am a Melbourne girl, born and raised. At the beginning of covid (out of pure luck) I was offered a position in Townsville. With the desire for adventure, I packed my bags, flocked the nest and commenced my journey as a dietitian. 

Mid the pandemic, I moved to Rockhampton for a position in private practice. 

This is where I began to see clients who had a range of complex, gut health conditions. 

How did Nutrition for Living begin?

At present, I’m working with a spectrum of incredible clients, all with diverse needs, nutrition desires and gut-health-centred conditions. To allow for greater reach, I work both one-on-one and through Telehealth to assist anybody with the desire to be a better version of themselves.

 From my own lived experience of IBS and a desire to have a positive impact, I knew this was the speciality for me.    

In my spare time, I took the opportunity to complete further study in areas like IBS and IBD. I also connected with gastroenterologists to further align my values and continue growth in the diverse area of gut health.

Fast forward to 2021, I moved to Brisbane. This was for multiple reasons (namely to elevate my salsa skill and to be closer to my fave ice-cream shop). In all seriousness, I was eager for a new challenge and opening up a gut-health-centred practice was the next logical step. 

Take a peak inside my pantry

Favourite Breakfast

9/10 I'm eating a jazzed up bircher muesli for breakfast! 

By the time lunch hits, I'm peckish! One of my go-to meals is a Mediterranean inspired falafel wrap.

Favourite Lunch

Favourite Dinner

It's nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare! What more could you ask for?

My latest snack obsession is punnet of fresh strawberries. They're too good top pass up this season!

Favourite snack

I will provide you with the knowledge to feel confident and empowered in managing your health. By understanding the role of nutrition and dietary patterns, you can take control over how you feel and what foods to eat. As your guide, I will explain the impact of a specific food(s) and debunk common nutrition myths. 

Knowledge is power

Together, we will shift your mindset on nutrition, which will improve your meal flexibility and relationship with food. Life is not linear, so why should your diet be?

Flexibility is key

You can expect less bloating, pain, a stronger immune system, extra energy and more robust mental health. By personalising your diet to grow good gut bacteria, you can experience gut relief within weeks. 

Nourish to Flourish


Sustainability is a must

The advice provided will be sustainable and tailored to your needs, preferences and desires. At Nutrition for Living, there are no bandaid solutions or “quick fixes”. Instead, I offer personalised support that addresses you as a whole person (and not an isolated condition).

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